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Major things you should know about job relocation

5 things you need to know about Job relocation and Packages


When you get a transfer letter from your office or receive a job offer in city other than yours, then you need to relocate yourself to a new location. In some cases, the company provides you with Packer and movers but in some cases they give you a fair amount to adjust you moving within. But if you have applied job in different city and receives call letter you have to take care of your own expenses and relocation. In this case you may be able to negotiate as a part of counter offer. Packer and movers in Pune gives you the best relocation service for safe and smooth relocation.

1. Things included in Job relocation Package

Home Finding: This includes a trip to your new location, where you can go and search a home i.e. perfect for you. The company will pay for the travelling expenses.

Transportation: The Company will pay for the expenses of the employee who are moving their luggage by train, airplanes or by hired vehicle.

Moving: The cost of hiring a vehicle will be included.

Full Pack / Unpack- When the company fully covers the expenses and logistics of the move, movers will be sent to pack up your household goods and transport them to your new home, where they will unload, and in some cases unpack, the boxes where you wish.

2. Check what’s included in the package

Before making the arrangements to move for your employee, discuss the specifics of your relocation packages so that you would be paying only for the specifics. You don’t want to stuck with expenses that you thought to be covered, but aren’t. Some companies frequently deal with relocating new employees, and may connect you with their sub-contracted companies. Others may give you a lump sum to pay for relocation, or ask you to keep all receipts for reimbursement.

3. Negotiating Job relocation as benefit

It’s a onetime cost for the company, so negotiating relocation package can be a lot easier. For companies, covering relocation services can be a smart, cost-effective recruitment tactic — companies may try to attract candidates by mentioning that relocation services are available in job listings in comparison to the internal candidates, the relocation is often cheaper than costs of hiring and training.

4. Must have knowledge of how much you should ask for

Ask question about the relocation services and what would they be offering you. If they offer you a certain amount, they might have a sense of cost. Otherwise, it is up to you to tell about all your expenses in terms of money and time. Get every detail in writing, that way, both you and your company will be clear about the expenditure.

5. Tax Deductible Travel Expense

If your employer doesn't cover relocation expenses, some of your travel expense may be tax deductible. If you travel to a location and, while there, you look for a new job in your present occupation, you may be able to deduct travel expenses.