Packing Tips

5 Things you must perform before leaving your old house

Moving on is a simple thing, but what it leaves behind is hard. The process of shifting involves cleaning out the past, packing up the present and preparing for a much better future. However, Movers and Packers in Pune and other metropolitan cities are there to help you in every step of yours.

The time of shifting is full of a chaotic state with clutter scattered all around. This is accompanied by a feeling of nostalgia for our original home, neighbors, friends and even that city. So, we have brought 5 simple steps to manage your work and emotions together:-

  • A small party will lift up your mood

Throw open a small dining party at your home from where you are shifting and invite your close friends, neighbors, and local relatives. This will be your last meeting with them together and will make your shifting process a memorable one.

It will not only give you a break from the cumbersome process of shifting but will also help you in clearing the food stuff which you cannot carry with you to your new location.

  • Take photographs

Photographs open doors into the past but they also allow us to look into the future. Taking good snaps with your family, friends and neighbors at your old house will captivate your memories into the camera. In future, when you will look back at these memories, they will bring you right into this place.

  • Do not forget to close the services

Before you leave your original location, it is quite necessary that you inform your daily service providers like internet services, milkman, electricity and newspaper that you will not be availing these services from the date of your moving. This will prevent your last minute chaos and will smoothen the process of shifting.

  • Reselling bulky and useless items will lessen your burden

While collecting the stuff for packing, you will discover that the house is full of many items which you have not used for years and are of no use to you now. There will be other items which may be of your use but will be bulky enough for you to carry to the new location.

In this case, consider reselling these items in the local market rather than carrying them to the new location with the hope that they may come in use there. This will not only relieve the burden of your carriage but will also earn you some extra notes to compensate for the cost of shifting.

These days some cost-effective packers and movers in Mumbai and other cities provide their services at a very cheap rate where you can consider carrying these items with you.

  • Take care of the safety

Safety of your old house too is important as an abandoned house attracts thieves and burglars. You might be wondering what a thief would steal from an abandoned house. These days thieves have started stealing things you cannot think about- they may break the metal/ steel taps of your washroom or may even cut your wooden doors and sell them in a market.

Lock your home properly and ask your neighbors to take care of it. You can ask a guard in your acquaintance to keep a general watch on the home.

Following these tips will ease your process of shifting and will make it fun rather than a burden.