Packing Tips

5 things you must take care of before entering your new house

The excitement of opening eyes in the new house next morning remains at zenith while moving. The children visualize their dream house and you too plan of decorating it in your own way. The nostalgia of your old house is gradually overridden by the thought of your new house. Movers and packers in Hyderabad and other metropolitan cities are there to make your experience of shifting more exciting.

However, some people make tiny mistakes which may ruin this excitement and make your process of moving into the new house cumbersome. Here is a list of some tips that you must follow to avoid such situations:-

  • Get your new house cleaned and painted

It is necessary that you get your new house completely cleaned before you step into it. This will make you comfortable while entering and will save your labor as you will already be tired of the journey. Nowadays, many of the packers and movers in Hyderabad have started offering this service too.

While buying an older house, many of you might think to carry out the process of painting/ whitewashing once you settle there properly. However, this will not only delay the process but will also increase your extra work of moving objects within the home. A vacant house is easier to paint than a living one.

  • Arrange for important daily services

Daily services like newspaper, milk and internet connection are inevitable to our life. Therefore, it is quite necessary to arrange for them in advance to prevent last minute rush and inconvenience. Most of the services are now available on the web and you can easily contact the local dealers. Don’t forget to arrange for the electricity and water supplies as you may find yourself in dark and thirsty when you step in.

  • Get the locks changed

Safety is the most important concern while you are shifting to a new location. In this order to ensure safety of your house, you should get the locks of your new house changed before stepping into it specially if you are buying an already used house

  • Update your contact and address

Inform your friends, relatives and office (if same) about your new address and contact number. It is equally important to update your new address in government records including voter list, municipal records and others.

  • Pack a first night box

First night box is a bag which contains all the things of your immediate need on the first day of your move. It is very essential for a successful move. A first night box should contain a towel, paste, toothbrush, soap, your night wears and any other stuff like tea bags that you may think is essential for you.

Following these simple steps can save a lot of your hard work and inconvenience and smoothen the process of shifting.