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5 tips that will simplify your way to pack and move kitchen

There’s always a rush in packing your stuff and move. We all face difficulties in packing specially kitchen stuff. A kitchen is a very crucial part of our living; it nourishes the whole family so, it has to be maintained and taken care of. To help you with this Packers and movers in Hyderabad are there to plan and schedule your shifting smoothly.

Here are the 5 tips that you need to keep in mind while packing kitchen.

  1. Simplify and plan

First, think and plan which stuff to pack and which not. The stuff you haven’t used for a long while and are also of further no use, get rid of them; either sell them or give it to charity. Now, separate the cutlery, breakable things like glassware and expensive items. Pack them in different boxes and name them. Dispose the entire food item and frozen products unless you are moving for a shorter distance.

  1. Pack open bottles and spices separately

There are many open bottles that need to be taken care of while packing. If not packed properly can ruin other stuff too packed in the same box. Try to seal the bottle properly so that it does not leak. Always see which opened stuff is worth moving or it will only increase the weight of moving and occupy space in your new kitchen.

  1. Pack one essential box separately

While shifting you cannot just move and unpack all your stuff and start placing them. You will take at least 2-3 days to settle in and in this phase you will need some of the essential kitchen products. Put some dishes, cutlery, food items, beverage (coffee/tea), cleaner, towel etc which you will need in the first 2-3 days of moving into new place.

  1. Pack the not frequently used products separately

Stuff like mixer, glassware, special event dishes etc are not used on daily basis but are important for a kitchen. Start packing these items separately so that you have the option to unpack them at the last as they do not have everyday role in your kitchen.

  1. Appliances

Either big or small, appliances play a major role in kitchen. They simplify our daily work and make it least time consuming. Appliances like toaster, mixer, coffee maker, refrigerator etc are to be packed carefully and handled with care. Improper packing can cause damage or breakage to them and will lead in malfunctioning of the appliances. You can also get a professional Packers and movers to get it done for you.