Packing Tips

Complete guide to know about how to pack in an organized manner

Your luggage is the first close to your heart, with whom you are extremely comfortable and yourself. While planning to move the first thought is of which place to move and the second surely would be how to move your luggage till that destination. However, Packers and movers in Chennai are the best professional packer and movers, who will help you, make your relocation safe and sound.

Complete guide to know about how to pack

Here presenting your complete guide to help you know how your commodities should be packed correctly in organized manner.

  1. Select the right size of the box

While packing you stuff, separate the heavy and light items. Pack the heavy items like books, files, wooden items etc, in small boxes so that they will be easy to pick and load. Place the light objects like pillows, cushion etc into larger boxes as no matter how large the box be it will be easy to pick. Packing heavy items in large boxes will be unsafe to pick and load and also can cause damage to the packed items.

  1. Pack separately the items you will be needing first

The essential items like trash bags, towel, box cutter, phone charger, cooking ware, basic utensils etc, you will need instant at the time you enter your new location. Pack these items separately so that instead of unpacking 3-4 boxes, you will have to unpack one. This will help you in smooth unpacking and setting up of your luggage.

  1. Never leave empty space in boxes

Always fill the gap between items in boxes either by organized packing or if not then by insert paper or clothing or hand towels. Spaces between items will make them displace and can cause damage or cracking.

  1. Tape the boxes well

Packing items is a task in itself but if not taping it properly will ruin all your hard work. Tape the box well by ensuring to use couple of tape strips at the bottom and sides of the box.

  1. Pack item of every room separately

Pack items of each room in separate box. Don’t mix different room items in one box. This will help you while unpacking. Pack them in different boxes and also name the box.

  1. Extra cautious while packing precious items

While packing expensive and breakable items, use bubble wrapping and do good taping. If packing oil paintings, do not use normal paper to wrap, it will stick to the surface. Packing paintings make sure making X by masking tape to provide the glass strength. Also, do bubble wrapping and put them in a box with other frames.

  1. Give maximum preference to the safety of delicate items

An item like T.V, fridge, big mirrors and glass showpiece and other fragile items requires extra attention. Pack them in their original boxes with bubble wrapping and then relocate. Professional packers are also provided by the moving company to ensure their safe keeping.

  1. Make a medical kit

While packing and moving, there are chances of having cuts. Make sure you prepare a medical kit with essential items like cotton, antiseptics, band aid, pain killers, paracetamol tablets and keep is always within minimum reach.