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Confused about whether to rent a storage unit? Here is the key

Are you loaded with weights of extra luggage and your new residence or office does not have enough space to accommodate it? Then, is back again with a solution for you. Movers and packers in Mumbai and other metropolitan cities are now largely recommending renting a storage unit to their customers.

A storage unit is actually an iron or concrete structure designed especially for the storage of luggage or merchandise. Here are some of the tips which will help you in deciding whether to rent a storage unit or not:-

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How much your luggage is?

The first thing you must analyze before making a decision is the quantity of extra luggage or merchandise that you wish to keep in the storage unit. If the luggage/ merchandise either try to fit it somehow in your new location through better management or you can rent a small residential room nearby for some days.

This is because renting a storage unit for small quantity may sometimes cost you more than even the real value of those items.

The value of the luggage matters.

Sometimes the quantity of your luggage/ merchandise may be small but it may be of great value or importance to you. In this case, you can think of renting a storage unit. Perform a cost- benefit analysis and assess whether the things you are storing in the unit will be of much use to you or not in the new house.

Resort to bank lockers for valuables

When you shift to a new house, it is not always possible to have security arrangements from the initial days itself. In this case, one should prefer to store his/her valuables like jewelry, extra cash or any other object in the local bank locker. Try to make the arrangement of a locker in the bank before you finally shift with your family.

Reselling will reduce your burden

There are many objects in our house, which we might not have used for years and are not of much use to us. This may range from a small book to large bulky furniture. It is obvious that we develop a kind of attachment with the objects we have seen for years. However, carrying loads of useless objects with you will only increase your problems and make this problem more complex.

Therefore, you need to be wise in making decision of things to be carried and those to be left. This will not only ease the process of shifting but reselling/ donating these items may earn you some extra notes or tax relief to compensate for the cost of relocation. It will also save your money which would have been wasted in the storage of these things.

Is the storage temporary?

You need to decide the approximate time period for which you wish to store your luggage or merchandise in the unit. Once you do so, you can easily calculate the cost of storage and the benefit you are getting from it. If the cost of storage is turning out to be large, prefer to resell than storing.

Following these simple tips can pull you out of the dilemma of storage. You can make your shifting more affordable with cost-effective movers and packers in Mumbai and other metropolitan cities.