Shifting Services

Know your moving options and select the best

Planning to move? Want to know about how to move? Now-a-days moving is easy, you have various options to pack and move to your desired location either within the same city or other. Either you have to shift your household or office there’s a lot of option available with packers and movers in Mumbai who not only makes your move smooth but also pocket friendly.

Here, presenting your option, know about them before you select.

  1. Hire a good mover

While think about moving, the first option that comes in our mind is to hire a moving company. It is a good idea but make sure you hire a good one. Also, check about the certification and license of the company before hiring to move. Hiring a wrong moving company can cause you loss and also damage to your luggage.

  1. Type of mover

You can hire a full service mover for packing, loading, unpacking and unloading your stuff but if you think your luggage is less or you can pack it yourself then go for ‘self moving service’ in which you will have to pack your own stuff and the moving company will provide you their vehicle to load and move. This is much pocket friendly than full service. You can opt for this option if you think you can do all your packing and do not require any professional.

  1. Hire a professional packer.

If you have a lot of luggage and think you can’t pack them all, hire a professional packer who will do it for you. They will pack all you luggage including appliances that requires a lot of attention while moving. They too have different options including packing and unpacking; either to pack all you luggage or just few which require special care.

  1. Renting a movable container

It is part of self moving service in which you can rent a movable container parked outside your home to load all you packed luggage. You can pack you stuff over a given period of time and then the vehicle will come and take the container to your desired location. It is alternative if you don’t want to pay for the full moving service.

  1. Renting a truck

Part of self moving service, the company will provide you vehicle and driver. You will have to pack and load all you stuff in the truck and then it will be relocated to your new destination. Check out the rental prices and services that the company is offering. Determine the amount of luggage to decide the size of rental truck and also how far you have to go. Research about everything properly before renting and also compare the prices and service of different moving companies.