Packing Tips

How to pack your books while moving

One can find books in every home. Books are a part of our life in many ways such as novels, any book related to our work or in case you are a college student then there will be lot of books. While moving, we need to take care of the proper shifting of books. Books are delicate and also close to heart for book lovers so it need extra attention. This guide will walk you through different methods of packing books for its safe moving. | How to pack your books while moving

  • Know which book to move

If you are a book lover then it’s obvious that you have whole library of book in your home. But when you are shifting for a long distance and the moving company is charging you by weight, then it’s necessary to keep in mind not to increase your moving cost much than the cost of the items you are having. Books are heavy and will increase your luggage weight and moving cost too. Sort the book which you don’t read or is of no use for you now. Either donate them or sell to the local book store or library.

  • Secure the box

Pack books into small boxes for easy loading and unloading. Make sure the boxes in which books will be packed are in good condition, dry and clean. Either using an old box or new one, secure the bottom by applying packing tape to support the weight. Hire professional packers and movers in Gurgaon to pack your stuff safely and correctly.

  • How to pack paperbacks books

Paperback books can be packing by placing spine first with paper edges facing up. Do not pack paper edge facing downwards and spine upward this will cause the edges to bend and book to wrap. Put papers between the spaces left.

  • How to pack hardcover books

To pack hard-covered books, put them straight upright, spine against the wall of the box. Pack them well but not too tightly so that they get damaged while removing out from the box. Books of great value, such as old photo albums or first editions require stiff cardboard in between each to keep the spines straight and to prevent any movement.

  • Larger books

Pack the larger seat as flat into the bottom the box. Standing them will also damage them as they are heavy. Place them flat in the bottom of the box and above it place your smaller books.

  • Use the bubble wrap

Pack the books in bubble wrap to ensure their safety from water and other stress. You can also fill the gaps in the box with this to ensure no movement of books while travelling.

  • Close and weight

Pack you book sin boxes but tape them. Ensure their safety and tape them well. After closing the box, label it. Labeling will help you while unpacking. Pack all the novels in one box, other with your documents and so on.

This was the whole guide for packing books brought by, the best packers and movers in Gurgaon.