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How to pack your furniture while moving

Furniture reflects you larger than life. While choosing any set of furniture for our home we observe it very precisely; checking about its comfort level, size according to space in our home and texture. Sometimes furniture is also attached emotionally to us because the comfort they can provide you, no one will. While moving to a new location others stuff can be packed somehow but the main worry is of the safe keeping of our furniture. For your entire household you can hire packers and movers in Gurgaon to help you but what for the safe keeping of your furniture. Well, you can hire to pack all your stuff and also provide professional for packing your delicate and precious goods. They are the best packers and movers in Gurgaon with professional and reliable facilities.

How to pack your furniture while moving

Either you are hiring movers for full service or self service here are some points you should keep in mind while packing your furniture.

  • Know what can you move and when

While moving, the early you start packing the better it is for you. First make a list of furniture you have in your home and then decide which you can pack early that is not required in daily basis. Like tables, sofa etc if packed then also you can manage for 2-3 days but bed that is essential in daily basis, can only be packed on the final day of leave. Prepare the rest in advance so that you have to only load them and focus on the rest.

  • Measure the entrance and doorways

It is necessary, to just know which furniture can easily pass through doorways, hallways, staircase and which cannot. If the furniture is moved in one piece there are less chances of its damage. Also, dissemble the furniture and move all the pieces safely. Once you know which furniture is to be taken apart to move, find the right tool and do it.

  • Make sure not to lose any part

Pack together the parts of particular furniture. Try to packing the smaller with the larger part, tie or tape them together so that they do not miss. Also, number them like if a furniture has four parts, stick sticker on each numbered from 1 to 4. If possible read the instruction booklet and then dissemble it with the right tools.

  • Heavy furniture should be loaded first

Furniture like sofa, tables, bed and appliances like fridge, washing machine are heavy. They should be loaded first in the truck and moved to the back of the truck. This will ensure their safe keeping and will not cause any damage to them.

With all these points your can ensure the safe and worriless moving of your furniture. Shift into your new home and feel the same comfort of your precious furniture.