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Simple, organized steps to set up your kitchen after moving

After moving to a new place, the first task should be to unpack kitchen. Kitchen has the most crucial role within a family whether it’s for preparing meal or for a family get together. Packing kitchen, before move is also difficult and then unpacking too. Packers and movers in Hyderabad plan and organize, easy and smooth shift for you. They also help in packing and unpacking your luggage with the guidance of professionals if needed.

organized steps to set up your kitchen after moving

Here are the steps to organize your kitchen.

Step1: Major areas of Kitchen

This includes the main area where the food preparation will be done. Items like stove, fridge, cutting board, knives, dishes, spices etc should be set first for easy accessibility. Also, check for anything that’s leaking and get it repaired quickly.

Step2: Start Unpacking

If while packing you have labeled the box then you should be having a pretty idea about which box to open first. If not, unpack the larger boxes first. It is important to first decide where to keep a item in cupboard so that you do not have to move it again. Since the sink area will be most used and stove being second and it assess the cupboard and drawer. Therefore, daily using items should be placed in them for easy access while cooking. For example, place the cutlery and dish towels in the nearby drawer. Also, clean and organize your fridge with food items and make sure you throw away the bad and expired items.

Step3: Arrange your stuff

Arrange your everyday use stuff within your reach. Plates, spoons, cups and cereal bowls should be placed on the lower shelf at eye level. Items that you do not use much often should be arranged on upper shelf or behind the most used items. Pans, baking sheets, casserole, roasting pans should be placed near the stove along with their lids. Store heavier items should be stored on the shelf near ground.

Step4: Organize Pantry

Store canned food and dry food stock separate from other items. The spices should be kept in drawer near the stove with the top of the containers labeled. It can also be placed some else but close to the stove. Remember, Spices should be store in a dry and cool place to store its maintenance.

Step5: Keep lists and clean

You need to have a list of all the belongings with you have inside the cupboards. Clean away the dishes and did after you eat and keep them in place so that they might not ever.