Packing Tips

How to sort and pack your bedroom when moving

Packing and moving your bedroom is the biggest task while moving. Bedroom contains all our utilities and daily use items. When starting packing bedrooms, first start with least used bedroom like guest room then further to the master bedroom. Hire packers and movers in Pune to pack you stuff and move it carefully.

How to sort and pack your bedroom when moving

Here’s a guide that will help you to pack your bedroom systematically.

  • Decide and sort

The key rule before starting to pack anything is to decide what to pack and what to not. Take out the things which are of no use to you and sell them or donate them. They will only increase weight of your luggage. It will not only save your time in packing and unpacking but also will save your money. The more stuff you will have, the more money it will cost.

  • Pack your closet

The closet is the one space that we tend to remember at the last moment and also about what’s inside and how much time it will take to pack. We generally open and add things to it daily but don’t have a clue of. Take out everything from your closet and sort them into two piles of things to keep and not to keep. Now, take boxes and start packing your stuff, large boxes for clothing and small one for cosmetics or other products.

  • Prepare your furniture

Furniture requires a little extra attention while moving as it cannot be packed in a box. Furniture like chairs and table within your bedroom should be dissembled first with right tools and pack them together to move. Make sure you do not miss any part and also while loading remember to place heavy furniture first in the truck and move them at the backward. You can hire professional packers and movers in Pune to help you shift your precious furniture.

  • Pack your lampshades

It is necessary to pack lampshades, separated from its base in a box and securely seal the box from top to bottom. You can pack more than one shade in a box, just start with the smaller one holding its rim and place it in the centre of the box. Now, spread a paper over it and slide another over it. Now you can repeat the layering of your shades until all your shades are nested, ranging from the smallest to the largest.

  • Pack the artworks

You might have the artwork in your home. To pack the artworks use the right packing material like bubble wraps, packing and large items to be packed in separate boxes. After packing, while moving remember to load it on the side of the truck no not flat.

These are the tips to pack your bedroom by to pack and move safely.