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Packing Tips

Packing takes time to sort and organize your things and also gather supplies which you will need while packing and when moved to new location. After completing all this you can start packing them in boxes. It is better to pack in an organized way so that it will be easy for you at the time of unpacking. Here, Packers5th.in presents you the organized steps to make your packing easy and hassle free moving.

1. How to start packing?

Decide what to move and what not to. There must be items that you don’t need anymore and they aren’t worth moving and only occupy space. If you have any items kept in storage, check whether they are of use or not. Take only necessary and sufficient things with you. Unnecessary things will only occupy space and cost you extra money while moving.


2. Choose the correct sizes of boxes

For packing your stuff, use the correct size of box. Pack heavy items in small boxes and comparatively less weight items in bigger boxes. Small boxes will be easy to pick and load so as the large boxes with less weight. Heavy items in larger boxes will be difficult to pick and also can cause damage to the packed items. Also, label the box with the items it’s containing so that it will be easy while unpacking. Always fill the gap between items in box either by organized packing or by inserting paper or clothes in between.

3. Must have packing supplies

Make sure you have all the packing supplies like packing tape, enough boxes, newspaper, bubble wraps etc, that you will be needing while packing. Remember that buying the right supplies from the beginning will save your time and energy. Tape all your boxes well to ensure their safety.

4. Prepare separately the essential box

Prepare a box that contains all the essential items that you will need first after moving like towels, box cutter, cooking ware, basic utensils etc. Pack these items separately, you will need instant at the time you enter your new location. This will ensure not open of 3-4 boxes and struggling to find all these necessary items and also will help in smooth unpacking.

5. How to pack furniture

First, make a list of furniture in your home and then decide which can be packed early and which on the day of move. Measure the entrance, doorways, staircase and hallways of your old as well as new home to get the knowledge of which furniture could be passed through easily. Dissemble the furniture like sofa, bed etc and make sure not to lose any part. Load the heavy furniture first and moved to the back of the truck to ensure no damage would occur to them.

6. How to pack Kitchen

First separate the cutlery, breakable things like glassware and pack them in different box and label them. Second, pack the open bottles and spices separately and also seal the bottles properly or they can ruin other items too. Third, dispose the food item and frozen products unless you are moving for a short distance. At last, pack the appliances carefully or you can also hire professional packers and movers in Gurgaon to do the packing of appliances.

7. Maximum preferences to delicate items and appliances

Large appliances are difficult to move. Not only are they heavy and awkward, but they usually require some kind of uninstallation. Items like T.V, washing machine, fridge, big mirrors, glassware etc are expensive and require extra attention too. Pack them in their original boxes with bubble wraps.

8. Prepare a Medical Kit

It is necessary to keep a medical kit with you; you never know when can injuries occur or medical assistance would be required. Prepare a medical kit with essential items like cotton, antiseptics, band aid, pain killers, paracetamol tablets and keep is always within minimum reach.