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5 tips to pack your glassware and Dishes safely while relocating

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While relocating from one place to another, we have a lot of issues regarding packing our stuff. After all packing is not the only thing, packing that ensures safety is all we want. When it comes to the safety of our glassware and dishes we have to be extra cautious. Precautions while packing is better than the loss of breaking. It is mandatory to use right type of boxes with packing supplies to ensure the safe move of this precious cargo.

Here are some tips to ensure the safe move of our breakable cargo:

#1. Pack them the right way

Pack your breakables into dish barrels. They are specially designed with double wall boxes to absorb shocks and provide maximum protection to the items enclosed. They cost a little more than ordinary boxes but ensure the safety. Pack the items and also tape the box from the bottom by packing tape. Use newspaper to pack your items. Place a layer of crumpled paper in the bottom of the box and then place your items. It will absorb more shock caused while traveling. Hiring the professional packers and movers in Mumbai will help you in ensuring the safety of these items.


#2. Packing the glassware

While packing the glassware, insert paper into the open end. This will fill the space in between and help them to absorb shock and not to break. Also wrap it using a sheet of paper. If you hear “clunking” sound or items making contact then there’s enough space to be filled with paper to prevent breakage. While starting to pack the box, place the heavy items like tray, plates, mugs etc first. Then place the light items above it so that the weight didn’t cause any breakage.

#3. Packing your plates

Pack all the plates in a separate box. Follow the same wrapping for plates also and place paper between each item. Place them in a small stack of same sized plates into the box. Place the heavier plate at the bottom and lighter one at the top as before. Wrinkled or crumpled paper provide more cushioning and will protect the items.

#4. Fill the box upto the top

The boxes should be filled upto the top. Fill the empty space after placing all the items with paper or bubble wrap. Add a layer of crumpled paper and also better to place a light weighted non breakable item above the items to protect them. You can also use towels or clothes to fill the space, this will provide more cushioning. Tape down the top flap properly and do not push down the top flap while tape it.

#5. Check your package and label

Before taping the carton, make sure there is no clunking sound comes on shaking gently the box. If the sound occurs fill the space between the items. Once it’s done seal the carton with packing tape and label it. Labeling will help you recognize while unloading which carton contains what. Also it will help mover for easy loading and unloading.

This is the guide by Packers5th.in to guide you about the packing of fragile items.