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Common mistakes to Avoid while moving.

7 mistakes people usually make while planning to move

Moving is one of the most difficult things you'll ever do. Most people feel the stress from the moment the decision is made, the first box is packed and the movers are hired. And eventually also make mistakes while planning to move or choosing how to move. Hiring the best packers and movers is not always enough. You must have to keep in mind about the amount of luggage, quality of luggage, distance you would be travelling and family members. Also, whether the new place is familiar to you or not.


Here are the mistakes that you do while planning your move.

#1. Moving by yourself

Many people opt for this option to save their money but it’s not always fruitful. If you own a big house or have lot of stuff, moving yourself is not a wise option. You can damage your own stuffs. But to save money you can hire the self moving service in which you will do the packing and moving company will only be transferring your stuff to your new location.

#2. Failed to check company’s background

It is necessary to check all the primary details like certificate, establishment, previous work etc of the moving company before hiring them. You never know when can you get trapped in a fake moving company and suffer loss. Try to ask your friends to suggest about moving company they have dealt with.

#3. Size of the boxes

We always prefer large boxes for packing so that they store many items in single box, but we forget this will make the box heavy and unable to handle properly. If not handled properly, it can cause damage to your stored items. It is advisable to pack heavy items in small boxes and light weighted items in large boxes. Also try not to leave any space empty in the box, fill it either with other items or clothes.

#4. Packing flammable items

Flammable items require extra care when it comes to shifting. For example, shifting your gas cylinder with all other items can be highly dangerous. These items should be packed by professional packers and movers to ensure their safety.

#5. Moving valuable objects

Your valuable objects like electrical appliances and other small kitchen appliances require special treatment. Appliances like fridge, T.V, mixer etc have much value in our daily life and damage to them can affect us much. Appliances should be packed by professional provided by the moving company. Items like glassware, cutlery sets should be packed in small boxes and after packing should be labeled on the outer side so that while loading and unloading it can be taken off.

#6. Forgetting about Insurance

All the moving company provides Insurance to cover any damage caused by moving. You should be aware of it and check their terms and condition before hiring. Many people in hurry don’t check about this and when the company refuses to pay damage cost saying it wasn’t in their terms then you realize about your mistake. To avoid this, check before hiring about every terms and conditions.

#7. Hiring a unknown company

Sometimes in hurry or at the last moment of moving, people opt for hiring unknown moving company and this is where they get trapped in fake company or suffer with loss. Before hiring you must check about its establishment and talk within your locality or friends whether they know about that certain company. Avoid choosing unrecognized companies and fooling yourself by false status and reviews of the company. Do a proper research before hiring.

These are the common mistake made by people while hiring and planning to move. Hire Packers5th.in which is certified packers and movers in Bangalore for a smooth and hassle free moving.