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Common mistakes to Avoid while moving.

7 Useful Unloading Tips


Moving is always stressful yet you keep yourself calm and take deep breath during the move. Once you reach your new location it is important to unload in an organized way. You can take help of your friends and other members to actively support in the process of unloading. Packers and mover in Gurgaon will provide you with the whole package of loading and unloading you stuff in an organized manner. Also, you have to take care of proper unloading in order not to cause any damage to the packed items.

Here, Packers5th.in presents you the 7 tips ensuring safe unloading.

  1. Decide in advance which room will be your guest room, living room etc, and place the packed items related to that in the specific room at the time of unloading. Also make it sure that you have big enough hallways and door ways that lets you to move your items inside your new residence and then into the rooms.

  2. It is very important to assure that there is a safe pathway from the truck leading to the house and also inside the house. If there is any obstruction then clear it before unloading goods.

  3. Do take inventory of all your items as soon as they are unloaded from the moving truck in order to assure that nothing is broken or lost. If you have hired a moving company then do keep a list of every damaged item during the transit.

  4. When during unloading households you come across bigger items that are flat like ironing boards, mirror, mattresses or box springs then let them stand against the wall of the moving truck with straps or ropes to prevent them from breaking and causing damage to other items.

  5. Make a pile of cardboards and plastic that can further be recycles after you are over with unloading things from the moving truck. After finishing the entire process of unloading of your goods, do remember to walk through the moving truck to assure that there is nothing left behind in it and then sweep the truck before letting it go.

  6. After unloading all the boxes, it is better to start unpacking the things on the next day of unloading. There is also no need of unpacking all the boxes in one day.

  7. After unpacking appliances install and check the appliances. Do have a professional for the installation of gas appliances. Start your unpacking process with kitchen items. Do set your bathroom secondly including unpacking toiletries at first, putting soap and paper into place and hanging shower curtains. Remember to unpack items firstly that are essential and leave the items that are not to come in immediate, use.