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Looking for reliable packers and movers in Gurgaon? Try to ensure safe and affordable relocation process. We are certified packers and movers that prepare according to your plan and requirement of moving. We provide a reliable online platform to solve all your relocation problems under one roof. Check our list of movers, compare and choose the one best suited for you according to your need of relocation service in Gurgaon at amazing price. Fast response rate by our movers as you select one. Household, office and corporate either moving locally or internationally, we cover every services and work accordingly. Also, provide you with Professional movers to insure safe keeping of your valuable goods. You don’t have to worry about your goods delivery, our best packers and movers Gurgaon delivers your goods right on time at your place.Turning your move into a memorable one is the specialty of packers and movers in Gurgaon. Explore our world of pre-verified and trustworthy professional movers and enjoy our services like warehousing, self moving, automobile moving and transportation. team is trustworthy, economical, resourceful and dedicated to customer’s service and satisfaction. For your help we are available 24*7 to get you comfortably shift.

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Verified Packers and Movers in Gurgaon to Choose the Best

Note : These shifting rates are just only the approximate cost for relocation your households and goods to your new destination from Gurgaon. The relocation charges may vary from according to Household goods, distance and one relocation company to another company.

Om Logistics Packers & Movers

City / Moving Items 1 BHK 2 BHK 3 BHK Office Goods Vehicle
Local Relocations
Within 5 K.M. ₹ 2,500*₹ 4,500*₹ 7,000*₹ 11,000*
Within 15 K.M. ₹ 5,500*₹ 7,000*₹ 11,000*₹ 13,000*
Within 25 K.M. ₹ 8,500*₹ 10,000*₹ 15,500*₹ 18,000*
Domestic Relocations From Gurgaon To...
Bangalore ₹ 14,000*₹ 20,000*₹ 25,000*₹ 30,500*₹ 10,500*
Pune ₹ 15,500*₹ 18,500*₹ 24,500*₹ 28,000*₹ 7,000*
Mumbai ₹ 14,000*₹ 18,500*₹ 24,000*₹ 27,000*₹ 6,000*
Delhi ₹ 9,000*₹ 15,500*₹ 21,000*₹ 23,000*₹ 7,500*
Kolkata ₹ 11,000*₹ 16,000*₹ 22,000*₹ 24,500*₹ 6,000*
Hyderabad ₹ 12,000*₹ 16,000*₹ 19,000*₹ 22,500*₹ 8,000*
Chennai ₹ 11,500*₹ 15,500*₹ 13,500*₹ 18,500*₹ 9,000*

Kuber Logistics Movers & Packers

City / Moving Items 1 BHK 2 BHK 3 BHK Office Goods Vehicle
Local Relocations
Within 5 K.M. ₹ 3,500*₹ 5,000*₹ 8,500*₹ 10,500*
Within 15 K.M. ₹ 4,000*₹ 7,000*₹ 10,500*₹ 12,500*
Within 25 K.M. ₹ 7,000*₹ 8,000*₹ 14,000*₹ 17,000*
Domestic Relocations From Gurgaon To...
Bangalore ₹ 14,000*₹ 22,000*₹ 25,000*₹ 29,000*₹ 10,000*
Pune ₹ 15,000*₹ 18,000*₹ 22,000*₹ 24,500*₹ 8,000*
Mumbai ₹ 12,000*₹ 16,500*₹ 23,000*₹ 26,500*₹ 6,000*
Delhi ₹ 10,000*₹ 14,000*₹ 21,500*₹ 24,000*₹ 6,000*
Kolkata ₹ 11,000*₹ 16,000*₹ 20,000*₹ 22,500*₹ 6,000*
Hyderabad ₹ 10,000*₹ 16,000*₹ 21,000*₹ 23,500*₹ 6,000*
Chennai ₹ 10,000*₹ 14,000*₹ 17,000*₹ 20,000*₹ 8,000*

Gati Packers and Movers

City / Moving Items 1 BHK 2 BHK 3 BHK Office Goods Vehicle
Local Relocations
Within 5 K.M. ₹ 3,500*₹ 6,500*₹ 7,500*₹ 9,500*
Within 15 K.M. ₹ 5,500*₹ 8,000*₹ 12,000*₹ 12,000*
Within 25 K.M. ₹ 5,000*₹ 8,000*₹ 14,000*₹ 17,000*
Domestic Relocations From Gurgaon To...
Bangalore ₹ 14,000*₹ 20,000*₹ 24,000*₹ 30,500*₹ 9,000*
Pune ₹ 13,000*₹ 17,000*₹ 21,500*₹ 25,000*₹ 8,000*
Mumbai ₹ 14,000*₹ 20,000*₹ 25,500*₹ 28,000*₹ 6,000*
Delhi ₹ 10,000*₹ 16,000*₹ 21,500*₹ 23,500*₹ 6,000*
Kolkata ₹ 12,000*₹ 17,000*₹ 21,000*₹ 24,500*₹ 6,500*
Hyderabad ₹ 10,500*₹ 24,500*₹ 27,500*₹ 31,000*₹ 8,000*
Chennai ₹ 10,000*₹ 14,000*₹ 13,000*₹ 18,000*₹ 8,000*

Safe Movers Packers Pvt. Ltd.

City / Moving Items 1 BHK 2 BHK 3 BHK Office Goods Vehicle
Local Relocations
Within 5 K.M. ₹ 3,000*₹ 6,000*₹ 8,000*₹ 10,000*
Within 15 K.M. ₹ 5,000*₹ 7,000*₹ 10,000*₹ 13,000*
Within 25 K.M. ₹ 6,000*₹ 8,500*₹ 14,500*₹ 17,500*
Domestic Relocations From Gurgaon To...
Bangalore ₹ 14,000*₹ 19,000*₹ 23,500*₹ 31,500*₹ 10,000*
Pune ₹ 14,000*₹ 18,000*₹ 23,500*₹ 27,000*₹ 8,000*
Mumbai ₹ 13,000*₹ 21,000*₹ 25,000*₹ 27,500*₹ 6,000*
Delhi ₹ 13,000*₹ 18,000*₹ 22,000*₹ 26,000*₹ 6,000*
Kolkata ₹ 10,000*₹ 14,500*₹ 18,500*₹ 22,500*₹ 6,500*
Hyderabad ₹ 10,000*₹ 14,000*₹ 18,000*₹ 21,500*₹ 7,000*
Chennai ₹ 9,000*₹ 13,000*₹ 16,000*₹ 18,800*₹ 6,000*

Lohia Packers & Movers

City / Moving Items 1 BHK 2 BHK 3 BHK Office Goods Vehicle
Local Relocations
Within 5 K.M. ₹ 3,500*₹ 7,000*₹ 9,000*₹ 12,000*
Within 15 K.M. ₹ 4,000*₹ 7,500*₹ 10,500*₹ 15,000*
Within 25 K.M. ₹ 5,000*₹ 8,000*₹ 14,000*₹ 17,000*
Domestic Relocations From Gurgaon To...
Bangalore ₹ 16,000*₹ 20,000*₹ 24,000*₹ 31,000*₹ 8,000*
Pune ₹ 13,500*₹ 17,500*₹ 24,000*₹ 28,000*₹ 9,000*
Mumbai ₹ 14,000*₹ 21,500*₹ 26,000*₹ 28,00*₹ 7,000*
Delhi ₹ 11,000*₹ 17,000*₹ 21,000*₹ 26,500*₹ 6,000*
Kolkata ₹ 9,000*₹ 14,000*₹ 18,000*₹ 23,000*₹ 6,000*
Hyderabad ₹ 9,000*₹ 16,000*₹ 21,000*₹ 26,500*₹ 7,500*
Chennai ₹ 9,500*₹ 14,000*₹ 23,500*₹ 28,500*₹ 8,000*

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  • Review by Sonvendra Chaurasia

    Recently, I had to make relocation from Hyderabad to Delhi and I was a little bit confused about packers and movers that will help me to complete my shifting. So, I asked my colleague and friends, they recommend me to use any moving company from for my relocation safely and on time. I hired movers from packers5th. The staffs of the company were well professional while handling my goods, without any damage or breakage they delivered my goods to my destination. I am very satisfied with their service and highly recommend it. :) :)

  • Review by Ravi Ranjan Sahu

    I called to at the time of my office relocation and they helped me in moving my all office stuff to new destination. They charge reasonable for relocation. Their behavior was also so good. I can say that they are full professional in packing and moving industry.

  • Review by Nilesh Patwal

    I was so worried at the time of my home shifting because i never use packers and movers services so i search on google and i got some packers and movers websites and i picked up and here i got list of professional packers and movers so i requried about home moving i got Free Quotations and I choose one of them and they move my all stuff easily and without any hassle. So I would like to say thank you to to make me provide best packers and movers at best price as well.

  • Review by BK Mohit Bhai

    You gave us Excellent service of packers & Movers. We are satisfied with your service. Thankyou So Much.................!!!!!!!!!

  • Review by Jyoti Yadav

    This is provide a very good services.We all satisfied with the service.

  • Review by Jignesh Patel

    They are excellent packers movers. They do their work very well and very safe. I am satisfied with them they are best. They are really good.

What we offer

Local shifting- Shifting within the city is very common for the people who wish to settle from their old houses to the new colonies. It is highly popular in Delhi- NCR where people from all over the cities are rushing to the developed areas of Noida and Gurgaon. Despite the small distance, local shifting is difficult due to the huge crowd of the city and inefficient modes of transportation. Therefore, Packers5th is here to provide you the best of local packers and movers in your city all in one place to ease your process of shifting. You don’t need to worry a bit as the packers and movers will perform every task of shifting starting from packing your goods to unloading and settling them at your new location.

Intercity shifting- India is a growing economy with a working population of more than 500 million people and in this rapidly expanding economy, people are shifting every day to larger metropolitan cities for study, work, and other reasons. The process of shifting to an entirely new city is not easy as we are generally unaware of it. But with Packers5th you don’t need to worry, as we have the most expert packers and movers on our site to make your relocation a child’s play. These experienced packers and movers perform every task in a professional manner with great ease.

International shifting- International shifting is the most difficult form of relocation as it requires long distance movement of goods. This is a form of relocation which is almost impossible without someone’s helping hand. However, you do not need to worry any longer as Packers5th is here to help you in this journey of yours. We will provide you with the entire list of international packers and movers from where you can compare and choose the best one.

Home relocation- Home relocation is the most usual form of shifting. It involves shifting each and every stuff of your home to the new location. Shifting of a home is a challenge as it requires collecting every tiny object, loading it in the carriage and then settling it again at the new location. The process is tiresome and demands huge time. But now you can save both your precious time as well as labor simply by hiring a packer and mover. At Packers5th, you can find the list of some of the best home relocators where you can compare and choose as per your preference.

Office/ Industrial relocation- There may be times when you want to shift your office from one place to another for multiple reasons. These days most of the corporate and software companies are shifting to cyber hubs like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Gurgaon, and Noida. Shifting an office is a complex procedure as it involves shifting of office furniture, accessories and much more. Packers5th brings you the entire list of packers and movers who have a specialized hand in office relocation. You can also request free quotes from them so as to compare their services and price.

Automobile relocation- Automobile relocation is a complex procedure as there are great risks of your vehicle getting damaged in the way. However, Packers5th has expert automobile movers who ensure that your vehicle reaches safely to your new location. We deal in both two- wheelers and four- wheelers. The biggest advantage of using packers and movers for transporting your vehicle with a packer and mover is that they are quite punctual in their services. Further, the charges of automobile relocation are much less than that you would have spent on fuel if you would have driven it to the new location.

Plants and domestic pet relocation- This is a comparably new form of relocation which has emerged in recent times. Previously, people used to leave the plants at their older home. However, it is quite impractical to leave them behind if you have a special attachment to them and have spent years on their care. Plants can't be moved like other stuff and need specialized care during the move so that they do not shrivel midway. Previously, people used to carry pets along with them, but most of the pets are uncomfortable especially for long distance travel and have different temperature requirements from those of human beings. Therefore, Packers5th has brought specialized plants and pet relocation services for you to make this process easy.

Packing- Packing is the first and one of the most important steps of shifting. It is done so as to make your goods movable and save your stuff from any damage during transportation. The process of packing requires the collection of tiny tools including scissors, tapes, favicol, cartoons, wrapping papers etc. Added to this is the huge time consumed in performing it. To ease your relocation, Packers5th provides you the whole list of packers and movers who can help you in this cumbersome task of packing. They arrange all the required materials and perform it with great precision.

Loading- The biggest reason for people to employ packers and movers is that they want to skip the task of loading the luggage into the carrier trucks. It is almost impossible to carry out this process by yourself and you always require to hire laborers for it. With Packers5th, you can get the list of the packers and movers who can carry out this task for you in a very smooth way that you cannot even think of.

Transportation- Transportation is the very crux of the process of shifting. Packers and movers have some of the most advanced goods carrier designed especially for these purposes which can shift your luggage safely to the new location in the least time with great ease. You do not need to worry about the safety of your luggage as many of the packers and movers prescribed on Packer5th have ‘Your lock, your key’ feature. In this feature, you will put your own lock on the tin boxes in which the luggage is enclosed and the key will also remain with you. This will remove all the risks of transshipment of your luggage.

Insurance- Transit insurance too is a very important though not compulsory part of the shifting process. Most of the relocation services recommended by Packers5th provide you with transit insurance i.e. they take the guarantee of your luggage and you can claim compensation in case of any damage or misplacement. Isn’t that really wonderful?

Storage services- If you have large quantities of luggage and do not have enough space at your new location, you can use the storage services of packers and movers for some days so that you get some time to arrange for their space. Packers5th has a complete list of such packers and movers who provide storage services. Storage services prove to be greatly helpful in the case of office relocation or shifting of a large household. They can help you to avoid chaos at your new location and will help you in arranging the stuff properly at the new location.

Unloading, unpacking and settling- Then comes the last few steps of the shifting process. Packers and movers carefully unload all your stuff at your new location. Packers5th provides you with those packers and movers too who provide some extra bit of services too such as unpacking your luggage and settling it down at your new location. Some relocators provide these services as value- added while others charge for it. They can be really helpful specially when you do not want to get your hands dirty or are busy.

How to choose best Packers and Movers in Gurgaon at best price?

Happiness doesn’t have just one address. There may be times in life when we need to shift from one place to another in search of a job, higher studies, family or any other purpose. This process of shifting is cumbersome and tiring as it requires huge time and labor. These days professional packers and movers in Gurgaon and other large cities have made this process easier. But the biggest confusion arises in choosing the best out of them. Don’t worry, Packers5th is here to help you.

Here is how you should approach to choose the right Gurgaon packers and movers:-

Analyze your requirement

Distance of relocation

Firstly, the selection of packers and movers depends upon the location of the place you wish to shift to. If you want to shift within the city, you can easily find packers and movers in Gurgaon quotes at an average cost of Rs.8000 for a medium- sized household.

However, that outside the city varies as per the distance of your location from Gurgaon. Therefore, it is always preferable to choose a relocation service which has its offices in both Gurgaon and your desired location. International shifting is even more costly and is not provided by all the firms.

Volume of goods

The packers and movers in Gurgaon charges vary greatly according to the volume of luggage or merchandise you wish to shift to the new location. Sometimes, a packers and movers company even may not have sufficient laborers and transport to shift your household or office. In this case, it may take them multiple rounds and the charges will rise.

Therefore, it is always better to have a clear talk on each and every matter before you choose any of them for your relocation.

Type of goods

The charges of relocation services depend not only on the quantity but also the type of the goods you wish to shift to. For ex.- the cost of shifting an automobile is generally higher than shifting any other good of equivalent weight as it requires great care and precision by the shifting firm.

Some of you might require special services which require some extra care and specialization like pet and plants relocation. Nowadays, they have become quite common and are provided by some trusted packers and movers in Gurgaon.

Move Everything with Packers and Movers Gurgaon

Services you wish to avail

These days, packers and movers provide a wide variety of services ranging from packing your luggage to setting it in your new house. It entirely depends on you which services you wish to take and that will determine your choice for the perfect packer and mover.

Some of the firms only provide a combo of services ie. you need to take all the services provided by them from tip to toe no matter what your requirements are. You should avoid using such services as they increase the cost of your shifting.

Here is a list of services provided by the packers and movers Gurgaon and other cities:

Packing- Packing is the first and one of the most important steps of relocation. You need to pack your luggage properly so as to increase its mobility and ensure safety while carrying them from one place to another. It requires a whole bunch of tiny tools like scissor, tape and a cutter, variety of packing material and cartoons.

Despite great hard work required in the process of packing, most of the people prefer to pack the luggage themselves to save an extra penny or probably they fear of losing their articles.

However, availing the packing services from these firms can be greatly helpful especially when you don’t have much time or don’t wish to make your hands dirty. Movers and packers Gurgaon perform the task of packing with utmost precision and care. They have advanced tools which can pack your luggage in the least time.

Loading- People hire packers and movers especially so that they can skip this cumbersome process of loading the luggage into the trucks and carriers. This requires the availability of expert laborers who can quickly load your goods to transport them to the new location.

Transportation- Transportation is the very crux of the process of shifting. Therefore, before hiring a packers and movers service, it is essential to ensure that they have sufficient carriers as per your needs.

The biggest concern due to which some people avoid hiring Packers and Movers is due to the fear of transshipment/ theft and this fear is obvious.

We all are concerned about the valuable objects we have lived with for years. To solve this problem, many Packers and Movers Gurgaon have introduced the new ‘Your lock, your key’ policy in which you can place your own locks on the boxes on the tin boxes in which the goods are to be carried. This will remove all your fears about the theft of your luggage and will leave you tension- free. This service is also available with relocation service in Delhi to benefit you with the stress free relocation.

Unloading- You might be wondering that loading of luggage into the trucks could be done by the firm’s laborers in your current city, but will the laborers go along with your luggage in order to unload it at your new location? Of course not. The packers and movers with their office or warehouse at your new location, send the laborers from there while others generally contact the local labor service providers for that purpose. But, you should prefer to hire a service that has its branch offices in both the cities. Nowadays, packers and movers even unpack your luggage from the cartoons and you do not need to contribute a single hand.

You must be cautious to confirm with the Gurgaon packers and movers hired by you whether there would be some extra unloading charges or it is already included in the bill.

Storage and transit insurance- Storage and transit insurance are the services which are provided by only some of the verified Packers and Movers in Gurgaon. If you have large volumes of luggage or merchandise with you and do not have enough space for settling them in your new house/ office, storage services are a boon for you. Packers and Movers safely store your luggage in their godowns or warehouses from where you can take them up as per your requirements.

You must confirm about the storage charges as per the volume of the luggage and time you wish to store. This will prevent your last minute chaos and hustle. However, if your service provider is charging high for storage, you can go for a rented room near your new location to store that extra stuff.

A good way of cutting storage and transportation expenses is to sell the articles which are of no use to you or whose transportation will cost more than their own worth. This will not only reduce a lot of your travel burden but will also earn you some extra rupee bills to compensate for the cost of shifting. Added to this, you will also be able to save the expenses made on their packing, loading and other processes. Therefore, you must consider selling older items which are discovered during the process of shifting.

You can sell these items to your friends, neighbors or in the local market. These days you can even sell your items on online platforms like quikr and OLX at a good price without putting much of your effort. Isn’t that wonderful!

Transit insurance too is an important though not compulsory segment of relocation. Transit insurance policy provides cover for your business goods or personal belongings while being transported. It helps you to eliminate the risk of transportation damage and is useful especially for long distance relocation of valuable items like automobiles. In most of the cases, local packers and movers company in Gurgaon help you to get this insurance. Many of you might think that transit insurance is simply a waste of money as it increases the cost of your shifting. But, see the other side of the coin that it can save a lot of your expenses if the articles get damaged mid- way in your shifting.

Settling- These days many of the reliable packers and movers in Gurgaon have started providing the value- added service of settling your articles at your new location in an entirely professional manner. This can help you to save an extra bit of labor and that too at the time when you are greatly tired from your journey.

However, you need to keep an eye on this procedure as there are great chances of your tiny objects being lost or stolen. Availing the settling services provided by the packers and movers also helps you to save your time which would otherwise have been wasted in arranging the things up.

With some trusted movers and packers in Gurgaon, you can now have some extraordinary which you would not even have thought about. For example- Gurgaon movers and packers can carry out the assembling disassembling of your furniture and some of them even mend your daily stuff at your new location. This includes rectifying defects in your electrical appliances, doors, furniture etc. But you need to pay an extra bit for these services. Yet they can be greatly helpful when you do not have enough time or want the things to be done in one go. Just like that local shifting in Bangalore will provide you with professional that will help you in assemble and dissembling of you goods.

Myths about Packers and Movers

Being a relatively new form of business, people have many doubts and myths about packers and movers services. So, today we are here to bust all these myths in order to enable you to choose better packers and movers Gurgaon for your relocation:-

It is always cheap to relocate yourself than hiring local packers and movers in Gurgaon

It is the biggest misconception that packers and movers are only for the rich community as they charge very high. However, there may be times when hiring a packer and mover for your relocation is even cheaper than shifting yourself. This is because it is the daily stuff of packers and movers to carry out shifting of people from one place to another. They have advanced machinery and experts who can carry out this task efficiently.

Even if it is costlier, hiring a packer and mover service is always convenient and can save a lot of your time & labor.

Packers and movers have a fixed price chart

Most of the people think that packers and movers have a fixed price chart. However, this is not true as all the packers and movers chalk out the price as per the services you wish to avail. Therefore, you can save an extra bit of money by avoiding the services which are of no use to you.

Cautions you must take while choosing movers and packers in Gurgaon

Gurgaon being a rising city and a great IT hub of north India has got flooded with large no. of packers and movers services in the last decade which has made it difficult for the people to choose the right option. But you don’t need to worry as Packers5th is here to guide you in the right direction. Here are some of the precautions that you must take while choosing a packer and mover for your relocation:-

Invite multiple quotes

Always invite multiple quotes from different service providers and compare them to choose the best one. However, do not simply get attracted by lower prices and conversely do not have a mindset that cheap packers and movers in Gurgaon provide inferior services. Remember your aim is to get best of the services at an optimum price.

Check license and certificate

Check the license and certificate of the packer and mover before hiring so as to avoid fraud and ensure safety. You must also take a note of all the details of the company.

Prefer a self- insurance company

You should always try to choose a company which ensures you of the safety of your items and provides transit insurance. In this case, you can legally claim compensation from the firm if any damage is discovered in your items.

Old player v/s New company

Most of the people prefer to choose an old company as they think they could trust in them. It’s true that older companies are more likely to be trustworthy, however hiring a new packers and movers service has its own advantages. New movers and packers Gurgaon generally provide the service at a much lower cost than those offered by the older ones.

We all know that Aggarwal Packers and Movers are the most famous one, but if you search on the internet, you will be surprised to know that there are hundreds of others too who provide better services at cheaper costs like relocation company in Pune which provides you better and efficient relocation services. This feature is common in each and every industry as new entrants generally keep their prices low even for equivalent services so as to set their grip on the market.

Further, these new companies also have advanced machinery as they are brought recently. Also, new packers and movers Gurgaon usually agree to provide you some extra services free of cost.

Check the track record

It is advisable to check the previous track record of the company so that you can get an idea about the quality of their services and skip them if there is any fraud. This can be done both by consulting your relatives or acquaintances who have shifted in a similar way or through searching online. You can look into the reviews of the people and enquire about them on various sites.

Punctuality is must

The most important thing you should look into the Gurgaon packers movers is the punctuality of their services. In many cases, it has been discovered that packers and movers had not been punctual and the goods were delivered days before the specified time. This may lend you in trouble and hence there must be a clear talk on these matters.

Take an integrated quote to avoid the hidden costs

The biggest cause of chaos between the customers and the packers and movers service providers is the matter of hidden costs. Many of the packers and movers do not specify some of the costs in the bill and ask for their payment afterward in the name of various charges such as tax or unloading charges etc.

Therefore, it is better to have a clear cut talk on this matter before and prefer an integrated quote with no hidden costs.

Negotiations and bargains can work well

There are huge possibilities of negotiations and bargains in this service. It would be great if you can have a face- to- face conversation with the dealer or any agent of the packers and movers Gurgaon with whom you can discuss this matter.

The bargain need not always be in monetary terms ie. it is not necessary that you should always ask the dealer to lower the price. Instead, it could be in real terms too. You can ask them to provide some extra free of cost services like arranging for your train/ flight tickets, settling articles in your home etc.

Gurgaon Packers and movers often lower their prices during off season such as winters. If your relocation is not emergent, you can wait for these seasons to save your cost of shifting.

Terms and mode of payment

It is important to decide the terms of payment beforehand. While some of the relocation services in Gurgaon demand complete advanced payment, it may be risky on your part. You must try to negotiate at a suitable term of 50- 50 or 40- 60. Then, comes the matter of mode of payment ie. cash or cheque. Try to keep the payment transparent and ask for a proper bill/ receipt to avoid problems in the future.

Further, avoid signing on any document or legal paper which you do not understand as this may contain information about the extra costs which have not been mentioned to you. Do not forget to take a written copy of your inventory which is a legal proof of the quantity of your goods shifted with the company. In the case of theft or transshipment of any of your article, you can claim compensation on the basis of this small receipt of your inventory.

Dilemma of online vs offline

Many of you might be confused about whether to go online for the knowing the best packers and movers in Gurgaon list or to contact the local dealer. In this period of digitalization, it is always convenient to use online medium for every work. For example – you can also know about the best household shifting services in Noida by our website without even wandering in Noida. Again, a misconception takes on the mind of the people that the online dealer always charges a higher amount than the local ones which is not true.

Packers and movers Gurgaon services often provide you with several discounts and offers which you cannot usually avail from the offline dealers.

Why Packers5th?

Packers5th is an online packer and mover portal which provides you with the information of best packers and movers in your city all at one place. By using you can save your time which would otherwise have been wasted in collecting information and details of different packers and movers in your city. You can also look for office shifting in Mumbai on our website in case you need to plan for further. So, we are actually acting as a link between customers and household shifting services in Gurgaon.

India is a growing economy in which a large no. of people are shifting towards the IT hubs of the country such as Gurgaon. To cater to the needs of this shifting, Packers5th provides you with the list of only trusted and cheap packers and movers in Gurgaon so that you need not worry about their reliability.

Apart from finding packers and movers, you can also avail the benefit of great packing and moving tips given by our experts which can help you in the process of shifting.

Many of you might be wondering why are we doing this social service for you. Well, we are not doing any social service as we earn our revenue by taking commission from the packers and movers as per the no. of deals. But you do not need to spend a single penny. Isn’t that a win- win situation for you.

Now that you have known so much about the packers and movers services and Packers5th, its time that we give you an approximation of their charges so that you can estimate your cost and take a wise decision. Local shifting in Gurgaon is quite cheap. Here is a table showing the approximate cost of shifting goods in different quantity from Gurgaon to some of the major cities. Have a look:-

Approximate movers and packers in Gurgaon rates to move your households from Gurgaon to...

Moving Items / City Chennai Mumbai Hyderabad Bangalore Pune
Few Households/Items 5,000 - 12,0007,000 - 12,0007,500 - 12,50012,000 - 21,0007,500 - 13,000
Complete Households 11,000 - 22,00014,000 - 26,00013,000 - 24,00016,000 - 30,00013,500 - 24,500
1BHK Households 8,500 - 16,00011,000 - 22,0009500 - 18,00013,500 - 24,00010,500 - 19,000
2BHK Households 10,000 - 18,00013,000 - 26,00013,500 - 25,00014,000 - 30,00013,000 - 24,500
2-3BHK Households 13,000 - 22,00014,000 - 26,00014,000 - 26,00015,000 - 33,00014,000 - 26,000
3BHK Households 15,000 - 28,00017,000 - 32,00016,000 - 28,00019,000 - 36,00016,500 - 27,500
4BHK Households 17,000 - 31,00018,000 - 34,00018,000 - 34,00025,000 - 41,00019,000 - 36,000
5BHK Households/Villa 20,000 - 35,00025,000 - 40,00026,000 - 38,50030,000 - 46,00025,000 - 40,000
Few Office Goods 10,000 - 18,00011,000 - 20,00011,000 - 20,00012,000 - 24,00011,000 - 22,000
Complete Office Goods 13,000 - 26,00015,000 - 29,00016,000 - 32,00022,000 - 42,00016,000 - 32,000
Complete Households + Vehicle 15,000 - 29,00017,000 - 32,00016,000 - 30,00020,000 - 44,00017,000 - 33,000
Vehicle Only 5,000 - 10,0005,000 - 9,0005,500 - 8,5007,500 - 10,0005,000 - 9,000

Remember that these are only the approximate costs of shifting your household or office from Gurgaon to other large cities. The charges may vary from one firm to firm and from season to season.


Here are some of the common questions that may arise in your mind while choosing the packers and movers Gurgaon for your relocation:-

Que. How can I use Packers5th for to select packers and movers for my relocation?

Ans. You can use Packers5th to choose best packer and mover in your city through these 3 simple steps:-

Que. Are there any charges for using Packers5th?

Ans. No, this service is completely free of cost. Packers5th does not charge a single penny for you to use our services. Further, even the packing and moving services will not charge you anything for a quote. The quotes are absolutely free.

Que. Which variety of relocation services does Packers5th provide?

Ans. Packers5th has some of the most expert movers and packers in Gurgaon for every type of relocation whether it be your home relocation, office/ industrial relocation or that of the automobile (2 wheelers or 4 wheelers). We have packing and moving services in all these categories.

We hope that this information will surely help you in choosing the best packers and movers in Gurgaon for your relocation. For any further query, you can contact Packers5th Gurgaon on +91 9582010373 or mail us at We will be pleased to solve your query. Our helpline is active 24X7. With this Packers5th team wishes you Best of luck for your shifting & Happy Journey.

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Hire Packers and Movers – If you don’t have time for packing and moving, You Should hire movers

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Research Packers and Movers Before You Hire

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Know What Types of Packers You Need For Relocation


Questions to Ask the Packers and Mover Before You Hire


Avail Quotation from at Least Three Movers

Ask At least Three Packers and Movers in Gurgaon to Provide You Quotations


Make Sure Movers Must Visit Your Home Before Hiring Them


Hiring Packers is All About Quotes or Estimates

Compare All Quotations Which You Get From At least 3-5 Packers and Movers in Gurgaon to Save More Money


Know the Signs of a Rogue Packers & Movers so You Avoid Hiring Bad Movers


Don't Hire Any Packers and Movers That Only Takes Cash

Don't Pay For The Relocation Until Your All Goods Have Been Unloaded


Don't Sign On Any Documents That You Don't Understand

Don't Leave Your High Value Goods with Packers and Movers

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